Independence Day

We had our annual flag-raising ceremony (Upacara Bendera) on Monday, 19th August 2019 in the Multi-Purpose Hall.

The simple yet meaningful affair was attended by all our Elementary – High School students, together with the Teachers and Staff of the School. Our School also observed a minute of silence to remember and honour our fallen national heroes who had fought for a better Indonesia.

The ceremony was presided by our Subject Head (Religious Studies & Social Civics), Mr Cucu Supriady, who gave a short address to our students in Bahasa Indonesia. In his address, Mr Cucu reminded students of their role towards nation-building and urged everyone to strive for excellence in all that we do to create a better Indonesia for all; as SDM Unggul Indonesia Maju!

To further commemorate our 74th Independence Day, our students did a variety of class activities which were in line with this year’s theme SDM Unggul Indonesia Maju,
ECY         : Original Artwork
EL            : Literary Masterpiece
MSHS     : Class Innovation Project
Winners for the Class Innovation Project will be announced at the next division assembly.

We continued our celebrations with our Independence Day Games on Friday, 23rd August 2019. Fun & games were the order of the day when the entire school community (students, teachers, staff & parents) gathered in our Multi-Purpose Hall for our Senam Nusantara morning workout.

Our student community broke into their respective School Houses to earn points for this school year at the games. Students put their team spirit and perseverance to the test as their competed in games like Gobak Sodor, Tarik Tambang and Makan Krupuk. Parents came out in full force to cheer their kids on. To add to the festive atmosphere, our PSG also held a one-day only Merdeka Bazaar on the same day.

Not to be outdone by our students, our Teachers & Staff held their own Staff Games in the afternoon so as to earn points for their respective School House.

House of Trust (Blue Dragons) & House of Fairplay (Orange Tigers) gathered the most points at the Student Games & Staff Games respectively. Great Job, BINUSIANS!

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